Covid-19 Policy for Skills Schools

Covid-19 Policy for Sisters n Sport Classes

All participants must read before attending.
By attending the Sisters n Sport Skills School, you are agreeing with our T&C’s and opting in to attend our classes, therefore agreeing to follow our Covid-19 policy. 
If you are not following the below policies & guidelines, you will not be able to participate in the Skills School.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the risks of netball and COVID-19 are understood by individuals and ensures they have the choice with regard to returning to netball activity.

Sisters n Sport is aware that some individuals may choose not to return at this time to netball. We will welcome them back at a time that they feel comfortable.
If you require any clarification or support with this process please contact Sisters n Sport

The purpose of this policy:

  • To protect children who attend our club and their families, as well as the staff that work here.
  • To provide parents and staff with the processes our classes have put in place to ensure classes are safe and compliant with government COVID-19 guidelines.

Legal Framework: This policy has been drawn up on the basis of legislation, policy and guidance from the following:

  • uk: Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance for schools and other educational settings
  • Department for Education
  • Public Health England
  • Sport England: Latest guidance
  • UKActive: Advice and guidance for the physical activity sector

Please do not attend the sessions if:

  • You are symptomatic or know you have been in contact with a suspected case of Covid-19 please do not attend the session. List of symptoms to be found here:
  • You are classed as vulnerable or at risk, we advise you don’t attend the skills school.
  • You have been advised to self-isolate for any reason including travelling to other countries which requires quarantine upon return, do not attend sessions.

Before session:

  • Parents should take their children’s temperatures before each class and should not turn up if they have a temperature.
  • Please wash your hands before the session (at home) as we will be outdoors. We will provide hand sanitiser to use before, during and after the session. Wash your hands as soon as possible after the class.
  • We have restricted access to toilet facilities and so please ensure your child use the bathroom before the session.
  • Avoid using public transport to get to and from sessions. Do not lift share with others outside of your household.
  • Limit of one parent attending the setting to drop off a child.
  • You will be informed of the allocated drop off and collection points and times.
  • Do not turn up to the session early. Arrive for the start time only. 

During session:

  • We have staggered timings of classes to prevent large gatherings during changeovers.
  • Registration will be online and contactless.
  • Please note all equipment will be regularly cleaned to the highest of standards before, during and after use.
  • We will set up a portable ‘hygiene station’ for children to access on entry, during and after class. This will include: a rubbish bag, hand sanitiser, antibacterial spray and antibacterial wipes.
  • The group leader will also carry a supply of PPE (disposable gloves and masks) if they need to come into close contact with a child.
  • Used tissues to be placed immediately in bins which will be double bagged.
  • A toilet will be identified, and children will only be allowed to go one at a time.
  • Children will sanitise their hands at regular intervals.
  • You will need to bring your own netball which will be sanitised upon arrival and before leaving the session.
  • Players will hand sanitise before and after any drills which require sharing a ball.
  • Players will be advised to avoid touching any cones, spots, court gates, fences, benches and netball posts – if this happens then hands will be santised immediately.
  • When using bibs for matchplay – they will not be shared.  If a player changes position they will reverse their bibs and a label will be used for the position.
  • Match play will be following the modified rules released by England Netball.
  • Parents waiting for the session to finish must wait in a different area to the courts to ensure we are not exceeding ratio guidelines. This will be marked out and communicated to parents.
  • First Aid to be administered according to the following guidelines.

What you need to bring to each session:

  • Netball (must have name written on it)
  • Hand gel (please label with full name)
  • Drinks – enough for the session as you won’t be able to refill bottles anywhere (please label water bottle)
  • Bag or rucksack to put all equipment in.
  • Any medication required.

After session:

  • Only one parent should be present for collection.
  • Social distancing should be observed when queuing for collection.
  • Parents must only collect the children at their allocated time to ensure there are not too many people on site.
  • There will be an allocated area for collection.
  • Please ensure you vacate the area as quickly as you can after sessions.

IMPORTANT – if a child presents symptoms during an SnS Class:

  • The child will be taken to a specified area and the parents called to collect from class.
  • If the class is indoors when a child presents symptoms, the group will be moved to another room or outdoors and the room deep-cleaned.
  • Parents of children in class will be advised of a possible case via ‘track and trace; and if a case is confirmed, we will follow Government guidance.

Please note:
The participants will only be under our supervision during the sessions and we cannot be held responsible for any breaches of the rules before or after the classes.