Sisters n Sport Kingston Upon Thames Netball Classes

Holy Cross Preparatory School, George Rd, KT2 7NU
Saturday Mornings
9-10am – Yrs 2/3
10-11am – Yrs 4/5/6

Netball Skills School (Yrs 2/3 and Yrs 4/5/6)

The Sisters n Sport Kingston Netball Skills Schools are fun, non-competitive netball sessions for girls aged between 6 – 11 years of age. It is designed to fit in with your daughter’s other club and school commitments – to be additional to their other training or to get them ready for joining a club.

The Kingston Netball Skills Schools will cover basic netball skills, positional play and terminology for beginners but also provide opportunity to develop individual skills, learn new tactics and challenge more experienced players in an relaxed and enjoyable environment.

As we are a non-competitive club you need not worry about your child be sidelined but instead given the opportunity to enjoy playing netball whilst helping them towards selection of school or club teams.


Looking to play netball in Kingston?  Join Sisters n Sport!

Playing netball in Kingston with us here at Sisters n Sport is a really fun way for your daughter to enjoy sport and make new friends, and we run a series of programmes to suit all ages and abilities, so you’re sure to find a class that suits you perfectly.

Our netball classes mean there are more opportunities for girls aged between six and 11 to take part in team sports. Being a member of a team is a wonderful thing, with all sorts of benefits for players both on and off the court, and it’s a great way to make lifelong friends, as well as making you fall in love with the sport even more than you already have.

The benefits for girls to be involved in team sports include developing self-esteem and confidence, and they can really help people flourish. Naturally, teamwork skills will develop, as well, and being able to work well with others will benefit children throughout their lives.

And, of course the health benefits of regular exercise with playing a sport like netball regularly is great cardio exercise and fitness will improve very quickly, as will agility skills and a greater level of understanding of physical ability.

But perhaps the biggest benefit of all is just how much fun and enjoyment your daughter will  get out of being part of a team and socialising with her new friends.

Here at Sisters n Sport, we believe that introducing girls to team sports at a young age is important, as it will make playing sport seem natural and will mean they will continue to play long after they finish school.