Our programmes provide opportunities for all abilities and age groups.

They develop and improve skills such as shooting, passing, footwork, and ball-handling – whilst also boosting player’s confidence.
Performance players will gain a better understanding of the game, positions and tactics.

Netball Skills Schools

The Sisters n Sport Netball Skills Schools are fun, non-competitive netball sessions for girls aged between 6 – 11 years of age.

The programme covers basic netball skills, positional play and terminology for beginners but also provide opportunity to develop individual skills, learn new tactics and challenge more experienced players in an relaxed and enjoyable environment.

This is a non-competitive programme and so you need not worry about your child be sidelined but instead given the opportunity to enjoy playing netball whilst helping them towards selection of school or club teams.

Click here for the Sisters n Sport Covid-19 Policy for Skills Schools


Player Performance Programmes

The Sisters n Sport Player Performance Programme is player performance led, ensuring all girls are pushed to achieve their full potential.

The Programme is open to all girls in age groups U10-U12 & U13-U15  The Sisters n Sport Netball Player Performance Programme is designed for players looking to improve individual skills, increase their knowledge of the game and their tactical awareness to improve their match play and is designed to complement club and school netball training & push all players to reach their full potential.

Typical Programme Content - Speed, agility & conditioning, attacking & defending movement skills, technical court sessions, tactical court sessions, position specific training & match play