Covid-19 Skills School Policy

Sisters n Sport Covid-19 Policy - Skills Schools

All participants must read before attending. By attending the skills school, you are agreeing with our T&C’s. If you are not following the guidelines, you will not be able to participate in the Skills School.

Government Guidelines we are following are; holiday-or-after-school-clubs-and-other-out-of-school-settings-for-children- during-the-coronavirus-covid-19-outbreak/protective-measures-for-out-of- school-settings-during-the-coronavirus-covid-19-outbreak#consider-group

Please do not attend the sessions if:

  • You are symptomatic or know you have been in contact with a suspected case of Covid-19 please do not attend the session. List of symptoms to be found here:

  • You are classed as vulnerable or at risk, we advise you don’t attend the skills school.

  • You have been advised to self-isolate for any reason including travelling to other countries which requires quarantine upon return, do not attend sessions.

Before session:

  • Please wash your hands before the session (at home) as we will be outdoors. We will provide hand sanitiser to use before, during and after the session. Wash your hands as soon as possible after the class.

  • We will confirm closer to the time if we have access to toilets facilities at our venues

  • Avoid using public transport to get to and from sessions. Do not lift share with others outside of your household.

  • Limit of one parent attending the setting to drop off a child.

  • You will be informed of the allocated drop off and collection points and times.

  • Do not turn up to the session early. Arrive for the start time only.

During session:

  • One–way entry and exit system is established. If there is only one entry point, start and end times will be staggered.

  • Please note all equipment will be regularly cleaned to the highest of standards before, during and after use.

  • Netballs will be sanitised upon arrival and before leaving the session. Hand sanitiser before and after any drills which require sharing a ball.

  • Groups of up to 6 athletes in an outdoor open space. Two groups of 6 can be on court in goal thirds with center-third empty. All groups will be 2m apart. There will be drink stations marked out which are 2m apart and all drills will be marked out with spots to ensure guidelines are adhered to.

  • Netball courts that are adjacent to one another can be utilised providing 2m remains between groups on neighbouring courts.

  • Parents waiting for the session to finish must wait in a different area to the courts to ensure we are not exceeding ratio guidelines. This will be marked out and communicated to parents.

  • ATM there will be no small sided games or contact during the sessions, and social distancing will be maintained at all times, however, if guidelines change, we will inform you.
  • Avoid touching any cones, spots, court gates, fences, benches and netball posts.

  • All stations will be set up 2m apart from each other.

  • First Aid to be administered according to the following guidelines (also will have permission to administer first aid from parents whilst wearing a mask and gloves)

After session:

  • There will be an allocated area for collection near the netball courts.
  • Please ensure you vacate the area as quickly as you can after sessions.

Please note:
The participants will only be under our supervision during the sessions and we cannot be held responsible for any breaches of the rules before or after the camp begins.

When arriving please only arrive for the start time and avoid hanging around the area.

What you need to bring with you to each session:

  • Netball (must have name written on it)

  • Hand gel (please label with full name)

  • Drinks – enough for the session as you won’t be able to refill bottles anywhere

    (please label water bottle)

  • Bag rucksack to put all equipment in.

  • Any medication required