“Competition is always a good thing.  It forces us to do our best” 

Nancy Pearcey


After running netball programmes for over six years – Jen and Victoria could see how much the girls loved to play matches – but also how much they gained from doing so.  Competition is so important for girls and SISTERS n SPORT wanted to provide more opportunities for girls to be able to compete and to be able to compete in big competitions.  They would be able to experience travelling to matches with their teammates, play against new teams and create memories along their cup journey.

In 2018 – SISTERS n SPORT launched the SISTERS n SPORT Netball National Cup for girls aged U11-Seniors.  Over 125 schools and 330 teams entered.  In 2019 SISTERS n SPORT were very excited to welcome inspiresport as the title sponsor and the competition has almost doubled its entrants!

Since then we have launched the inspiresport SISTERS n SPORT U11 National Cup Festivals, the SISTERS n SPORT Netball National Cup for Clubs and the SISTERS n SPORT Girls Football National Cup for Schools – with lots more competition to come.

We want to give more girls the chance to the take to the court and we believe that matchplay and bonding with their teammates is essential in making sport just part of who they are - which will mean girls will continue to play, love the sport and pick their kitbag up for years to come.


Queen Ethelburga's senior netball team thoroughly enjoyed competing in the Sister n Sport Competition . It gives school teams the opportunity to play schools they would never usually play offering different skills, styles and flair, while making new friends along the way. The structure of the competition is great because it is ‘Knock-out’ which is both challenging, contesting and rewarding while building experience. “I wouldn’t have it any other way” We made it through to the semi-finals, which was a great achievement and WILL be entering this competition again next year. 

Melissa Bessell - Queen Ethelburga's & Severn Stars NSL Head Coach

Thank you so much for organising and hosting such a wonderful competition. The girls at all age groups have enjoyed every minute. The communication at every stage has been brilliant. Today; from the minute you greeted us to as we left we were made to feel welcome. The t -shirts, medals, trophy, banners, your hoodies, Laura Malcolm presenting the medals, Clive's photos, the venue, making me a cup of tea afterwards (that was so needed!) and the staff all made the event so special!

Firstly, thanks so much for the fantastic netball competition organised by SistersnSport this year. I know my daughter from Berkhamsted School (under 13) and her team loved participating - in particular, the way you made finals day so special. My much older son also loved being able to watch the competition while at work via Facebook!