SISTERS n SPORT National Netball Club Cup 2023/24 - U15 Plate Draw


Round 1 – 10th January 2024
Round 2 – 10th March 2024
FINAL 8 Finals Day – April/May 2024 TBC


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SISTERS n SPORT National Netball Club Cup 2023/24 – U15 Plate Draw

The home team is in PINK

Oaksway White v Riverside junior netball club
Headlanders v Cleveland Classic if lose
Warrington Wildcats v North Dragons
Blackpool v DNC Netball
Ribble Valley 2 v Chorley Inferno
Hull Chevrons v DNA Black
Bramhall NC v DNA Red
Northants v Lyndon Centre Netball Club
Team Beds U14 v Abbey Flyers A
Hatfield v Manor Met 
AP Saints White v BYE
Conquerors v Magnet NC
Abbey Flyers B v Beacons
Stars Netball Clubs v NRG
Bounemouth NC Pink v CD Phoenix Amber
Woodside v Bournemouth NC Blue


Oaksway White v Headlanders
DNC v Hull Chevrons
Chorley Infernos v Warrington Wildcats
Bramhall NC V Lyndon Centre NC
Hatfield v Abbey Flyers B
Abbey Flyers A v AP Saints White
NRG v Bournemouth
CD Phoenix v Conquerors

Arrangement of Matches

  • The Home team must initially provide three dates to the Away team.
  • If the Home team does not receive a response within 72hrs – please resend the email and cc Sisters n Sport (
  • If as the Away team you have not received an email from the home team – please email the cluband cc Sisters n Sport (
  • This will help to speed up the arrangements of matches.
    Our aim through the competitions is for as many girls to take the court as possible – therefore we will try and facilitate all the matches being played. 

For following rounds the match should be arranged within 7 days of the previous round being completed – see dates above. 

Teams unable to agree a date by the deadline must both inform the organiser during this 7 day period.   Sisters n Sport will then decide the date and start time of the match.   Any decision Sisters n Sport make will be final and binding.

Deadline Extensions
We understand that calendars can be full – especially around the holidays – and so extensions can be granted – please email for permission.  

Extensions must be agreed by Sisters n Sport -this is important to avoid holding up the following rounds.  

Matches must be umpired by 2 neutral umpires, with a minimum C award qualification.  

Each team is responsible for supplying their own umpire, or arranging with the home team to supply both umpires if deemed more appropriate. The final responsibility however lies with both teams to provide at least one appropriate umpire.

Full Rules & Regulations can be found here