inspiresport SISTERS n SPORT National Netball Cup for Schools – Rules, Regulations & FAQ’s

Rules and Regulations

Registration and Payment of Entry
All registrations must be made online via the Sisters n Sport Website – payment can be online or via invoice by 30th November 2020.

Eligibility of Players
Any girl in full time education at a participating school, who falls into the correct age range:
ENGLAND – U12 | U13 | U14 | U15 | U16 | Seniors

All Players must play within their Age Group as at 11:59 pm on 31st August in the year of competition
To play in the U14 age group players must be at least 11 years old.
Players over 14 can play in any age category from U15 upwards.
Pupils may only represent their school in one age category.  Should a pupil move school during the academic year she may still be eligible for her new school, even having previously represented her previous school.
During finals team managers should carry proof of age for all players.

The competition shall be played on a knock-out basis with all matches to be decided on the day, with no replays.
The team highlighted PINK will have the home advantage.

Round 1 – 13th March 2021
Round 2 –  10th April 2021 
Round 3 –  1st May 2021
Round 4 – 15th May 2021 
Quarter Finals – 30th May 2021
SF & Final –  26th/27th June 2021 (U12/U13/U14/U15)*
SF & Final – 4th July 2021 (after exams)*

Plate Schedule will be released with the first set of fixtures post.

Arrangement of Matches

When arranging matches – the Home team must provide three dates to the Away team.

For following rounds the match should be arranged within 7 days of the previous round being completed – see dates above.  We understand that school calendars can be full – especially around the holidays – and so extensions can be granted – please email for permission as due to the start date being postponed there is not much room between rounds.

Teams unable to agree a date by the deadline must both inform the organiser during this 7 day period.  Sisters n Sport will then decide the date and start time of the match. Any decision Sisters n Sport make will be final and binding.

In line with England Netball Covid-19 Guidelines, SnS recommend the use of outdoor courts when possible.  Given the limitations of the weather - matches are allowed indoors.  if you play the matches indoor please adhere to the EN and government guidelines.

No spectators - if you decide to stream the matches please ensure you have the correct permissions from both clubs.

Teams must be ready to play - no changing room facilities should be used and depart as soon as fixture is completed - no match teas.

Teams must agree on a date and start time for the first round matches by February 28th 2021

If you have not heard from your opposition and the deadlines is approaching please contact us.  


All matches are to played in accordance with the England Netball Modified Rules - 

The modified rules will be used for matches until England Netball lifts the restrictions and allows the traditional rules to be played.  The competition will then revert back to the traditional rules.

U12/U13 – 4 x 10 minutes, 7 a side with 3|5|3 intervals
U14/U15/U16 and U19 – 4 x 12 minutes, 7 a side with 3|5|3 intervals

In case of a draw at full time
Play will continue until one team is winning by two clear goals.  Umpires will signal when time is up.  There will be no break or reset to centre pass.  Play will continue on the umpire's whistle.  

Matches must be umpired by 2 neutral umpires, with a minimum C award qualification.

Umpires are required to fill out a risk assessment and opt in - as stated in the EN Return to Play Guidance.

Each team is responsible for supplying their own umpire, or arranging with the home team to supply both umpires if deemed more appropriate. The final responsibility however lies with both teams to provide at least one appropriate umpire.

If you need to use a qualified umpire from school then this must be agreed by both competing schools, prior to the match day. If there is a situation where one team provides a qualified umpire and the other school are using a qualified staff member, the competing school have the option of sharing the umpiring at that end, each doing half a game each.

In the Regional final and semi-final stages, B award umpires should be used where possible but minimum C award umpires. Please note no staff members are to be used during these stages.

Sharing of Data for Fixtures
By entering the Sisters n Sport National Cup Competitions, we will need to share your contact details (Name, Email and Contact Number) with the other schools within the competitions for you to be able to organise fixtures.
Please let us know if there is a problem –

Competing schools shall use the proper name of the competition ‘inspiresport Sisters n Sport National Cup’ or #inspiresportsnscup when using social media.
Please feel free to tweet us scores/photographs etc to @sistersnsport

Decisions regarding any point of contention will be made by Sisters n Sport.  Sisters n Sport reserve any right to deal with any matters not specifically provided for in the Rules of Competition and to take whatever action they deem to be appropriate.

Sisters n Sport are not responsible for any injury or loss experienced during the competition.

inspiresport Sisters n Sport Netball National Cup – FAQS

Q – I can’t get in touch with another school, despite contacting them on the information given.

A – Please email to advise.

Q – How to we send in the result?

A – Email and we will update online

Q – What if we can’t get an umpire?

A – Every attempt must be made to find a qualified umpire, however, as a last resort, schools must come to an agreement whether they can use Staff or not. This is between yourselves, and Sisters n Sport will not accept any complaints or discrepancies over the result or reports of bias.
Please contact your local England Netball Development Officer to assist in finding umpires.

Q – When are the deadlines for matches?

A-  All deadlines are on the fixtures, we will send regular emails and the website will have all the information. If Teams unable to agree a date by the deadline must both inform the organiser during this 7 day period.  The SnS committee will then decide the date and start time of the match. Any decision of the SnS committee will be final and binding.