Improve your passing and ball handling – Wall Work with Shaunagh Craig

Now that we are all at home and have no training with our schools or clubs – we have the chance to work on our footwork, agility and passing – which we sometimes don’t have the time to focus on in training.

Here are lots of solo netball drills for you to try at home, to make sure you are ready to hit the court as soon as it is safe to do so.

It is important to set ourselves some goals as we become our own ‘coach’ over the next few weeks.  Here are some examples below:

1 – How many passes in a certain amount of time?
2 – How many can you do without dropping the ball?
3 – Set a target of time – you will keep working for 1 min
4 – Set a number of passes – I will keep going until I achieve 50 passes no drops

Remember – these goals are only worth working towards if we push ourselves, we need to be pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone – if it is easy then we aren’t improving.

Check out our Ball Wall Work with Northern Ireland’s Shaunagh Craig – we hope you enjoy it.

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