Best First Sports For Children To Enjoy

All parents know the importance of keeping their children physically active, but it is also a good idea to encourage them to play sports, as it builds on their team work, strategy skills and commitment. So, if you’re looking for a sports team for them to join, what are the best ones to try first?


You’re on to a winner with any ball game, to be fair, but netball is extremely popular for many reasons. They have to learn how to make quick passes, remember the rules, and hand-eye coordination. 

They also learn how to play offensively and defensively, play competitively, and enjoy an overall workout. 


Football is one of the most popular sports amongst kids, but it is also among the best for encouraging an interest in keeping active and working together. 

Parenting First Cry recognises: “It promotes muscle strength, flexibility, weight control, and cardiovascular endurance. Juggling the ball improves foot dexterity, gaining balance and improves cardiovascular sustainability.”

Martial arts

Not all children like organised sports when they first start out, but enrolling them in a type of martial arts will still teach them about discipline and practice.

Dr Natasha Trentacosta, paediatric and adult sports medicine specialist at Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute in Los Angeles, told it has physical and psychological benefits. These include body awareness and control, and commitment.  


Parents looking for sports classes for their little ones should check out Kingston netball lessons for children, teaching youngsters how to play the game, as well as enrolling them in matches.