Why Being A Substitute Is Important For Young Players

It is usual for young sports girls and boys to take their turn as substitutes in a match these days, even if the coach wants to use their best players to win. 

Some parents, who are eager to get the highest score possible, might disagree and say they should only put the winning team on the court at netball events

However, others argue that all children in the team should be able to play in a match, even if they are not the best at the sport. 

BBC Newsround is asking for opinions on using substitutes in children’s sports teams, inviting children and parents to say whether this is something they have experienced in the past and if the focus should be on winning or more inclusion?

“There is the argument that children develop at different stages and should be encouraged to enjoy sport,” the news provider stated.

It added: “If you don’t keep young people involved, they might not stay with the sport and could drop out.”

Consequently, this could see lots of children who have potential unable to practise and improve their sports skills. They will also not have the opportunity to learn about competition, the art of winning and losing, and working hard as a team. 

If the coach decides not to use substitutes, some kids may never get asked to play in a match, which could put them off netball entirely and have a negative impact on their love for sport and fitness in general. 

Therefore, the benefits of using substitutes in children’s sports could far outweigh the risk of not winning every match, especially if it means encouraging a love for physical activity in more youngsters, whatever the outcome is.