More Netball Teams Focusing On High-Performance Training

As a sport, netball has been getting more and more attention in recent years, which has been great to see. Even though the pandemic derailed the professional netball season in some ways, the top clubs in the UK have been putting in plenty of work behind the scenes to ensure they are ready to come out fighting when matches start being played regularly again.

The Strathclyde Sirens are just one of the teams aiming for success in the coming months. Speaking to Sky Sports recently, Karen Atkinson, technical director at the team, explained that her and the rest of the coaching team have been working hard to make changes to their training programme to deliver results on court.

She noted that Dan Ryan, from Leeds Rhinos Netball, said that his team had the first full-time, high-performance programme but she doesn’t feel that’s necessarily accurate.

Ms Atkinson stressed that it’s been part of the Sirens’ programme for a number of years, now they’re simply refining it.

“I would put money on it being the best in the league currently, a lot of the teams are moving in that direction but because we don’t shout about it a lot at Sirens, it gets overlooked,” she said.

In Scotland, one of the challenges is giving players more exposure to competition so that they’re ready for the elite level of the sport.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph recently, Dan Ryan, who is the head coach at Netball Northern Ireland, as well as head coach at Leeds Rhinos, said that getting as many of his Northern Irish players into Super League Teams as possible will have a positive impact on the national team’s performance.

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