3 Brilliant Benefits of Playing Netball

With hope on the horizon of schools reopening and life returning to something like normal, many young people will be looking forward to resuming their netball lessons. Nothing can quite recreate the fun and camaraderie of playing a team sport! Here are three of the many benefits of learning to play netball.


  1. Netball Keeps You Fit

The benefits of physical activity for children are widely documented. Netball demands plenty of running about, which boosts cardiovascular fitness and strength. It also requires the ability to turn quickly, improving flexibility. Passing the ball helps to develop good hand-to-eye coordination.

High passes require the player to jump and catch the ball, honing coordination and strength. Chest passes are short and fast, requiring swift reaction times. Working out strategies to attack, defend, and score goals also promotes mental dexterity and sharpness.


  1. Netball Promotes Teamwork and Social Skills

Team sports such as netball help children meet each other and make a wider range of friends. They must learn to work as a team, which is one of the skills most valued by employers. No individual player can steal the show, as everyone has their part to play in building a successful team.

Partaking in group sport activities also boosts psychological wellbeing, and increases confidence and self-esteem, studies show. The feeling of belonging that comes from being part of a team can increase general satisfaction with life, leading to greater levels of happiness and motivation to achieve future goals.


  1. Netball Is Less Expensive To Play Than Most Sports

Netball doesn’t require expensive equipment, such as rackets and helmets. All you need is comfortable sportswear, which is very affordable these days. Practice can be carried out in any level outdoor space, so there is no need to hire a court.

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